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16 Abusive Relationship and Happy Relationship Signs




16 Signs of Abusive Relationship and Happy Relationship with 7 Points to deal with Abusive Relationship

In this article 16 signs of Abusive Relationship and Happy relationship with 7 Points to deal with Abusive Relationship have been explained. In the cases of abusive relationships around the world.
We keep coming out. Even in today’s era, married couples engaged in relationships are tortured.
This condition is not only with women it also with men too. Such cases do come up and people are unaware of relationship struggle.

The punishment of torture includes not only physical but mental and sexual abuse. This includes children and also married couples also have a large number.

Physical injury is visible with human eyes but mental damage does not leave any sign.

10 Signs of Abusive Relationship

Here are some of the titles that are being interpreted as an explanation of the abusive relationship.
As you can imagine there is no emotional abuse with you explained below –

1. Humiliation in front of people

If you are engaged in a relationship with someone and he is constantly humiliating you in front of other people you are not afraid to do your admiration but to question your abilities, every day your mind is being attacked.
This is the identity of the abusive relationship.

2. Criticizing you

Criticizing the actions you have done and causing your constant joke to hurt your mind.but if you are being emotionally injured without regard to it.
Then it is also the identity of the derogatory relationship.

3. Valued does not matter

In an abusive relationship, your desires and feelings are always denied at all and your likes and dislikes do not matter to any other person.

4. Negative Comments

Your spouse also negative comments on the works you have done and dressed by you, and you are feeling humiliated. If you try to control you are in an outrageous relationship.

5. Keeps joking on you

If your partner or any person keeps joking about your failures or shortcomings, such as when discussing color, dress or physical appearance, etc. you are in an abusive relationship.

6. Bondage and Deprived

The first thing to humiliate is the increase of the bondage and deprived of the feeling of love.
Also, if you are afraid of someone alone, then this is also an indication of the humiliating relationship and it can be of any age.

7. Do not get Appreciating Success

If you are the recipient of any goal then you do not get any guidance. But if you are deprived of appreciating success even after achieving success, then you feel mental suffocation, this is a sign of an abusive relationship.

8. An Insulting on Mistake and Secrets

Every mistake is attributed to you in an insulting relationship and the reason for the troubles of your friends is also justified to you. In this is your secrets are also publicized.

9. Keep Threats and Unqualified Questions

Your character, which is responsible for the abusive relationship, raises unqualified questions and keeps asking you where you were, who was with you.
In your suggestion or response, you keep threats instead of reassurance.

10. Prove your Love and Honesty every time

You have to prove your love and honesty and if things are considered criminal, then this is also the identity of the insulting relationship.
In this way, one thing comes to light that you will feel suffocated, frightened in a humiliating relationship
Such frequent occurrences are not common but forms of mental, physical and sexual harassment.

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6 Habits of Happy Relationship



Many happy couples spend their whole life together, playing a relationship. But do not understand the difference between love and agreement, so with humiliating relationships.
you will also see those aspects of some habits in a happy relationship, after which you both Will understand the difference between –

1. Respect is Important

Honestly in any practical case when it comes first to give respect to each other and there is a close relationship between relationships and mutual love is born.

If your relationship is successful, if you cover them in life, then you will find that they treat them humble and respect them towards one another.

Respecting each other gives rise to each other’s beliefs, self-esteem, integrity.

2. Management of Time

Happy couples are very busy, but time passes for each other.
Spend time together and create new plans and consider problems.
Time also comes to entertain with such pairs of work. This also shows the strength of their mutual relationship with other people.
The couple shows a lack of proximity in their association and they do not value the time spent together.
To bring their mutual relations back to normal, they need to discuss together.

3. Readiness of Cooperation

There are cooperation and support among married couples or tribal people. The spirit of mutual support leads to success in such a way. Happiness comes in this way in life and there are peace and strength in the relationship with mutual cooperation.

4. Unconditional Love

In society, every person makes relationships by taking some selfishness from one another which is not absolutely unfair.
But when it comes to love and relationships then it is done with selflessness.

5. Accounting in Happy Relationship

There is no place for competition in the people has increased. So much that today people show their relationship and spouse also on the social networking site. The burden of looking good on couples.
On which people make their negative and positive remarks. Sometimes husbands and wives feel a burden of different conditions in their affair to look confident which also affects their relationships.

6. Celebrate Anniversary and Birthday

Happy couples celebrate each other’s important days whether it is related to a festival or related to each other’s success.

By celebrating opportunities like anniversaries and birthdays, love increases with one another.
Its main purpose is to make each other feel important.

As you look at the differences between both aspects of the insulting and happy relationship difference between them is revealed and it can be easily understood that you are not in a reluctant relationship?

7 Points to deal with Abusive Relationship



It is not really a challenge to deal with relationships in any way with the passage of time experience. Experiencing problems in fact it brings maturity within the person.

It is like Forgiveness of one’s mistakes and the feeling of confronting. The challenges ahead together is a big plus of trust in the relationship. And some of the habits of mastering the challenges that come in life have been explained in the points –

Point 1

See yourself as an audience in important matters of your life. Introspect on your reactions and make decisions with a stable mind at the time of decision.

Point 2

Evaluate the opportunities for temptation in life.

Point 3

The power of your foresight and imagination can prove to be a useful tool in solving any problem and actually makes problems easier to achieve goals.

Point 4

It is your own battle to face the internal struggle firmly it has been observed that there is a constant fluctuation in life. In which people lose their balance by maintaining continuity in practice.

Point 5

Treat harmony with the people around you and sacrifice the feeling of jealousy and hatred.
Because it halts the emotional thoughts of the person.

Point 6

Learn from the mistakes of your past and leave future concerns to stay in the present and discover new ways and plans.
Because most of the problems are the result of our mistake so always keep moving forward.

Point 7

Make your thinking broad and always ready to learn something new. Because there are many hidden secrets in this world and each person’s view is different from each other. Therefore always keep the mind’s doors open for knowledge.

By taking these habits in your life you will surely find success and peace in any relationship
Just feel natural to face serious challenges.


There are lots of colors in the relationships listen to the sounds and interpolation sounds inside you.
Ask yourself if your relationship with a partner in your life is not practical or emotionally well, then it is a daily routine or abusive relationship.

The solution to the problem is close to us. In order to solve any problem, it is necessary to have a little understanding. With some difficult times, it automatically cures itself.

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