2020 Stop Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protection

It will also help prevent the possible spread of the virus.

Understand the Symptoms 

Difference between Bacterial and Viral Infections

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2020 Stop Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protection

Usually, people are confused between bacteria and viruses but they’re actually very different than each other they do have some similarities.

They really are totally different size-wise so bacterial cells are in reality exceptionally huge contrasted with infections bacterial cells can be at times multiple times bigger than virus which is truly intriguing. 

in any case, again still both infinitesimal bacterial cells are extremely remarkable and that they are alive.

we have bacterial cells that live all over our bodies, in our intestines are called normal flora and actually really important for our health.

They help us in the procedure of food digestion and the production of vitamins like vitamin K for us.

viruses are not actually living it’s interesting that scientists classify them as something between living and non-living which is really interesting.

Because they need a host to reproduce so viruses they can live on door handles and they can live on hands and again if you shake hands with somebody.

The virus passes to someone by sneeze and cough but once they pass from one person to another they actually have to get into a cell to reproduce and make more of them.

Because corona is a virus, antibiotics do not work on it, because antibiotics only work against bacteria, not viruses.

A coronavirus is different from a flu virus so there is really no cure at this time.

This is a new scary virus because we don’t know much about how it is going to behave.

Avoid sharing Personal Household Items

Do not share your Goods

People, especially neighbors, have a habit of exchanging goods or food items, which is a good habit, but do not do it at all during this transition.

Do not exchange food items or utensils at all. Many do not know how the coronavirus enters your home and makes all the members sick.

Clean all “high-touch” surfaces every day

Clean your Hands often

Wash Hands

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2020 Stop Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protection

Clean your hands thoroughly with alcohol-based (which has an alcohol content of over 60%) regularly for at least 20 seconds, or wash them with soap and water.

Washing your hands with soap and water or rubbing alcohol-based hands kills or reduces the effects of viruses that may occur on your hands.

Whenever you come home from outside, you should clean your hands thoroughly with soap.

Follow the correct method of washing your hands. Rub your palms thoroughly with soap.

After this, clean the back of the palm thoroughly with soap. Clean the area between your fingers by applying soap on it.

Hand Sanitizer

If you are out of the house, use a disinfectant sanitizer on your hands to avoid coronavirus infection.

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2020 Stop Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protection with sanitizer

Make sure that the sanitizer you are using is genuine. Read the information in it and buy it from a trusted store or medical store.

Avoid Touching

Human hands touch many surfaces while working normally or without any reason and can pick up viruses.

Once contamination occurs virus can transfer to eyes, nose, or mouth by hand.

From there, the virus can enter your body and make you really sick.

Social Distancing

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2020 Stop Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protection

Keep in mind that at a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from anyone, keep a distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Because when someone coughs or sneezes they sprinkle small liquid droplets in their nose or mouth that may contain the virus. If you stand too close.

So you can breathe in a cough which also includes the COVID-19 virus. So you too can become ill if a person who coughs has this disease.

How to Prepare yourself towards coronavirus

Stay Informed About Emergency Plans

If you are worried about your health and have such symptoms, then you need to call your doctor to explain and guide your symptoms.

If you do not have a regular family doctor, you can call an urgent care clinic or your emergency room and explain your situation.

You do not need to go anywhere or be afraid. There are plans for the arrival of potential coronavirus patients in hospitals to protect staff and other patients.

If you have symptoms of positive infection then you will come to the hospital to admit you yourself.

Create a Household Plan

If you feel bored during your stay at home, stay in touch with your friends and family.

Keep talking to them over phone and email. Talk to children lovingly and inspire them to stay positive.

Items that are used daily at home. Clean them daily. Chairs, tables, light switches, doors and handles are used by everyone in the house so clean them daily.

Stocking your kitchen for the unexpected can be challenging. How you manage emergency food supply?

How much more food do you need? Whatever your food preferences, it is important that you eat the recommended amount of healthy food to keep your immune system strong.

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2020 Stop Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protection Vitamin C

Now is not the time to relax in processed food, junk food snacks, and high-sugar packaged food. Make plans for daily nutrition.

For optimum health, you need a mixture of protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and some fat.

Protect Yourself & Family

Older people and people who already have problems such as respiratory disease (asthma), diabetes and heart disease due to coronavirus infection.

Seniors are more likely to become really sick very fast..

Coronavirus treatment is based on helping the patient’s body breathe and increase the body’s immunity so that the person is able to fight the virus present in the body.

Know the Signs & Symptoms of Coronavirus

If you become ill, check with your doctor about your symptoms and when you should seek emergency care.

The C.D.C. [ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ] says the following symptoms should prompt you to seek emergency treatment –

Difficulty breathing

Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

Confusion or inability to arouse

Bluish lips or face

Any other symptom that is severe or concerning

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare | GOI RSS

Central Helpline Number for corona-virus: –

+91-11-23978046, Whatsapp- +91-9013151515

Original Information Source – CDC | WHO

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