Dos and don’ts in Relationship


This article ” Dos and Don’ts in Relationships’ is about the behavior of a man and a woman in a relationship. Which clearly states what a man should and should not do. So that both of them move towards a happy life in their relationship.

Dos and Don’ts in Relationship
Dos and Don’ts in Relationship

Any veteran who is in a long-term relationship will tell you that most people, even if they are completely honest with each other, still face doubts in mutual relations. But sometimes we don’t know how to assess it because just guessing can be bad.

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Indication of Problem in Relationships To Explain Dos and Don’ts in Relationship

Dos and Don’ts in Relationship Must Read [Blog]
Dos and Don’ts in Relationship

Here the more of the following sentences, the more symptoms you feel are true for you or your partner. The more likely it is that your relationship needs some help. If you have three to five checks off then you probably need a tune-up. If there are more than seven, then it is time to consider more serious therapy, either alone or with your partner, or in some cases, both.

Some serious relationship problems are indicated below in this list –

You often feel bad around your partner.

Ever since you have been together, your self-esteem has been declining.
You or your partner or both of you are being dishonest with each other.
Instead of feeling good being together, you feel hurt with him.
You often complain to others about your relationship.
You or both often become critical of each other.
You feel angry or outwardly sarcastic, obedient, but discouraged from the inside without exploding in anger. Without using this type of behavior they are unable to make proper contact with their partner.
You expect that each time a confrontation only leads to an unproductive battle that will not result in any change in the situation.
You feel that you live inside the eggshells most of the time.
You feel that you’ve lost your zest about life, and have given up most of your hobbies, friends, or interests that used to be important to you before getting into a relationship.
It is becoming difficult to trust our partner because some of us have issues that are difficult to trust.    You may need help with finding out who knows your partner well. Of course, the suspicion is sometimes warranted.
The small things in your relationship bother you and you cannot let them go.
You are more attracted to priorities outside of the relationship than spending time with your partner.
Your physical relationship life has reduced very little or to any extent, and one or both of you are unhappy with it.
One or both mates have become close to each other and with someone else. It can be an emotional matter, or it can also be a friend, brother, parent, or one of the children. Obviously the most destructive of these is if there is a real relationship. Online relationships are just as destructive as they are with a real person.

Did you answer yes to three or most of the symptoms?

You find yourself devoted to behaviors or habits that take you away from your partner who are unlikely to support a healthy lifestyle such as drinking too much, with electronics, computers, video games, TV, Spend too much time, rush into their work. Achieving greater satisfaction with your partner in solo physical imagery.

List of Dos and Don’ts in Relationship

Dos and Don’ts in Relationship Must Read [Blog]
Dos and Don’ts in Relationship

People who are intimately connected in relationships with their partner. They know that relationships are like a rollercoaster ride. When things are good they are very good. When things go bad they go awry. The following is a list of 10 things for men and women to do and not do in relationships as a relationship coach.

What should men do?

1. Do small things regularly. If you call him by the name of someone you love, say I love you too or if you buy a new TV for the living room, nobody cares. Small things become big in a relationship.

2. Honor any agreement made with him.

3. Keep encouraging his goals and direction.

4. Just listen to your partner without advice or without breaking.

5. Trust him and respect him.

6. Treat him as an equal partner in your relationship.

7. When she gets emotional, support her and support her. It is not a solution, but it works in solving problems.

8. Continue your courtship even after your partner has committed himself. Keep creating romance in your relationship.

9. Find out what your partner wants to do and then help him.

10 I’m sorry when you did something. It is good if you regret something that was harmful to your partner whether intentionally or unknowingly.

What Not To Do Men in “Dos and Don’ts in Relationship”


1. Both parties can do this, so the first point for both of them is not to go to bed after getting angry with their partner.

2. Criticize him especially in his presence.

3. Do not shout at your partner.

4. Understand every word of your woman that she says. Women, when upset, speak absolutes. Like you never listen. While it really means, if you are not listening to it then there is no need to fret over it.

5. Do not let jealousy end the trust, love, and respect of your relationship.

6. Do not violate his privacy.

7. Try to remember special occasions.

8. Try to offer advice or solutions when your partner only needs you to listen to his or her comment.

9. If you do not have any comments, then obey it.

10. In real life when you want to sort things in your head, keep your partner out. Just state that you need a place, you are not angry with your partner and you will return.

Communication style needs desires. Relationship challenges of men and women to vary. Learning these differences can help strengthen relationships in the future and now. The famous author mentions in his book that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, that is, they are different from each other.

What Should Women Do

1. Women get bored quickly so when you want more quality time with your man, make the time as positive as possible.

2. Trust and respect him the most important thing to Understand in Dos and Don’ts in Relationship.

3. Stop yourself from torturing your partner unnecessarily.

4. Respect any agreement made with you.

5. Support her goals and direction.

6. It is true that no matter how much he loves you, he cannot really read your mind.

7. Accept your partner to refuse a work gracefully, believing that if he could, he would.

8. Allow your partner to get away from you without giving you the third degree.

9. You should appreciate the small things he has done for you and tells him that he is important to you.

10. Do not be afraid to start lovemaking. Be creative and loving.

Ladies what not to do 

Dos and Don’ts in Relationship Must Read [Blog]
Dos and Don’ts in Relationship

1. If there is a disagreement, do not go to bed after getting angry with your partner.

2. Insist that he always shares his feelings with you. Women need more to talk about emotions, so do not hide your feelings.

3. Use seducing as a reward for good behavior or as a punishment for bad behavior and stop being physical.

4. Compare him to a fictional character in a book, film or daily drama and don’t make fun of him if you find him lacking.

5. Do not violate his privacy.

6. Don’t be lazy in trying to celebrate a good film or event with your partner.

7. What you experience when you are at the point of resentment. Do not lose control over it.

8. Criticize him or put him down, especially if he behaves badly.

9. Do not scold your partner with anger.

10. Try not to change it. Appreciate the man he is now.

There is so much to know about satisfactory relationships that you did not already know about.

Because one of the figures of divorce, or perhaps even worse, is found to be the vote. To honor your marriage vows, try to avoid an unhappy relationship while you may regret many things about your relationship but act with restraint because bad times also pass.

Conclusion of Dos and Don’ts in Relationship


It takes time to make every relationship, but the little reason for relationship deterioration also becomes big. There are some signs to be identified. Most of all if all the issues between you are not unresolved, even when you should keep trying to resolve them together.

Therefore, you or both should adopt a positive attitude about dealing with problems. This idea is different from choosing a fight because important issues affecting the relationship remain unresolved and underground. Therefore, through the above points, you can assess and compare issues and assess the level of problems in the relationship.

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