5 Points to Green Tea – Recipes, Types & Benefits [ Best Health]

Green Tea recipes types benefits [health]
Green Tea recipes type benefits

Green Tea Recipes, Types, Benefits, and Details with Given Points-

This article will explain Green Tea recipestypesbenefits and how you can make use of it. Many years ago, people were curious to know why Japanese people live a lot longer than the people who live in the rest of the world do.

They did the research and found that one of the secrets is that they drink. What is so good about this tea? There are many factors involved which we will reveal here. It also has some characteristics that can help people lose weight.

The tea has many special qualities. One of the benefits that it gives is that it can increase your metabolism. It helps the body burn fat more effectively. In a more technical term, green tea promotes and stimulates thermogenesis.

Although people use a lot of tea nowadays, the use is limited to more health-improving and maintaining purposes. The use of the product on fat loss is limited. However, there are studies shown that the regular use of green tea can improve your metabolism by almost four percent.

If the method is combined with other fat loss methods, the result will enhance your regular fat loss plan. It can help although you don’t do any exercise.

The four percent metabolism increase can happen when you are sitting on your couch and watch TV. In that case, you can still burn an average of 80 calories per day. This is great considering that the average calorie intake is about 2000 calories per day.

It is really recommended that you use to boost the result of another fat loss program. The sole use for weight loss purpose may not be so effective.


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1.How Green Tea Works

Researches show that for weight loss will work only in combination with other methods not exclusively.

Therefore, you could really use green tea to help you lose weight. This is effective in the condition that you also have a good fat loss program which involves three main aspects

(i) Weight Training Plan

(ii) Proper Nutrition

(iii) High-Intensity Cardio Program.

When all the ingredients are right and in place, then the tea can be an excellent supplement for fat loss.

In addition, it also has a tranquilizing effect on the body. can have a calming effect on your body. Besides, it also has anti-oxidant property. This is very good for today’s lifestyle and environment.

Therefore, if you want to lose fat and weight, you should consider drinking it every day. Make sure that you drink concentrated one not the readymade in the bottle which contains a lot of sugar and calories.

Natural skin care products are gaining popularity. In addition to the popularity of natural beauty products, many people are also interested in other types of green tea skin products, such as those that can be used for healing cuts and minimizing the appearance of scars. The third area of interest for botanical products is anti-aging.

2.Varieties of Green Tea

Green Tea recipes types benefits [health]
Green Tea recipes type benefits 

You’ll find numerous products on the market that are made from natural products. Some of the most popular botanicals used in skincare products include:




Green Tea




However, one of these products, green tea, does have some evidence to back up its claims of rejuvenating the skin and preventing aging. Several studies have shown that is antioxidants are beneficial to the skin in several ways.

3.Green Tea for Skin

The first important fact is that its anti-oxidants act as scavengers on abnormal or damaged skin cells. This may be very important to help protect us from skin cancer. If we can eradicate skin cells damaged by the sun immediately, they are less likely to develop abnormal qualities.

Many doctors are now recommending that you wear their moisturizer under your sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect your skin from most of the sun’s rays, but any that do get through can be mitigated.

However, other research has shown that may even be an effective treatment for those who already have cancerous or pre-cancerous skin lesions. One study, performed on mice, showed that not only did this t seem to scavenge the abnormal cells on the mice that did not have skin cancer.

But it also concluded that whether given orally or topically, slowed the progression of cancer. In addition, scientists theorize that it may be able to actually kill off some of the cancer cells.

It is believed that it also has the ability to reduce aging over the long term. Such claims are difficult to prove because it requires human trials over many years. However, based on the fact that research has shown that green tea’s antioxidants have the ability to scavenge abnormal and dying skin cells.

It stands to reason that using it regularly over a period of many years would produce a cumulative effect that would be positive for the skin’s condition and appearance.


For Example

Lavender is calming and can be helpful in soothing redness and rashes. Lemon is an effective astringent and is sometimes helpful for especially oily skin. The effects of many botanical products and their potential to protect and treat the skin.

But, if you’re looking for the best be in botanical products for the skin, it’s likely that it has the most potential. It has been more widely tested than other botanicals and is likely to be of significant benefit, both in improving skin’s appearance and in preventing aging and skin cancer.

Be that as it may, for the individuals who must avoid caffeine, the green tea diet isn’t for you. contains caffeine, however, is positively a superlative decision to espresso intending to your body’s general wellbeing

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4.Health Benefits

Green Tea recipes types benefits [health]
Green Tea recipes type benefits

Here are some of those benefits and health benefits as well-

  • It helps with weight loss. Polyphenol is an ingredient in consists. It intensifies fat oxidation levels and increases metabolism.
  • Diabetes patients can benefit from drinking this tea. When a person eats, their sugar level goes up. For diabetes patients, the level can go up too fast. It helps slow down the rise of blood sugar and prevents high insulin spikes.
  • It is known to help prevent certain heart problems. It keeps the lining of the blood vessels relaxed, which in turn, allows the heart to better handle changes in blood pressure. It also prevents blood clots, a major cause of heart attacks.
  • Researchers say this tea can help prevent certain cancers, like esophageal cancer. It kills any unhealthy, potentially dangerous cells while keeping the healthy tissue around them intact.
  • Have high cholesterol? Drink some green tea. also reduces high bad cholesterol levels while raising good cholesterol levels.
  • It can help patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. It helps protect healthy brain cells from dying and restores the good cells that have begun to deteriorate.
  • Catechin is an ingredient that can help with many mouth problems. This ingredient kills viruses and bacterias that tend to cause a number of moral issues. It even can reduce infections in the throat.

As you can see by reading above, not only tastes is great, but it also had a number of health benefits. If you have never tried before. now may be the time to do so; your body will thank you!

5.Green Tea Simple Recipes

Green Tea recipes types benefits [health]
Green Tea recipes type benefits

If you started yet has started to drink Green Tea, It does not matter, still not too late, take it Today.

Leaves Recipe

Take a cup of warm water. Now add some leaves in the filter and put hot water on it. Then slightly suppressed with the help of a spoon leaves of tea. Keep in mind that leaves much not press so your tea can be bitter. You can also mix some honey (optional) to taste.

Recipe with Tea Bags

While Soak the bag in a cup of warm water. Cover the cup and add little Honey (optional) to taste

Powder Recipe

A cup of boiling water in
A teaspoon tea powder method of making a cup of water in a bowl and leave to cool for a few seconds. Now half or add a teaspoon green tea powder. Let while leaving it to dissolve in water.

Participants in a diet can sip the beverage after meals to help aid digestion and keep metabolic rates increased. Or on the other hand, have a go at substituting your morning espresso with some normal tea.

The green eating routine is not the slightest bit a substitute for in general good dieting and a lot of physical activity. However, it very well may be a part of your new way of life of solid living.

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