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Marriage Types: Definition and Happy Marriage Relationship

All You Must Know About Marriage | Types of Marriage | Marriage Counselling
All You Must Know About Marriage | Types of Marriage | Marriage Counselling
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Marriage, Marriage Types, Definition, and Happy Marriage Relationship

The article is About Marriage – Marriage Types, Marriage Counselling and 7 Points for a Happy Marriage Relationship. Wedding rituals are organized in different areas around the world, behind which there are different motives for the people. Some marriages are unique and some are strange. Articles about successful marriage and love affairs are available must read this once.

What is Marriage?

What is marriage and Why do they marry? Marriage is a unique relationship in which two people share their whole life with one another and when they meet each other’s most important emotional needs then-husband and wife can become the greatest happiness for each other. On the other hand, there can be a source of unbearable pain for each other.

Marriage Types – Love

In this Marriage Type for successful marriages, married couples try more and more to please each other. They get success to some extent to maintain a happy relationship. It is based on unconditional love. It is called by the name of love marriage by the people.
Though love and mutual understanding are necessary for both marriage and love, it is necessary it is more important to avoid grieving one another. If you know to please each other, but fail to avoid each other’s misery. Then your effort becomes in vain.

Marriage Types – Arranged

To be seen from a practical perspective, both sides get complete freedom to examine and choose each other not only on emotions but on sexual attraction. People share finance with it, share home and family, and choose a person for whom physical and emotional needs are met.

In front of the society, the function is organized in accordance with the legal process. Which aims at family management.

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Marriage Types – What is Gay Marriage?

All You Must Know About Marriage | Types of Marriage | Marriage Counselling
All You Must Know About Marriage | Types of Marriage | Marriage Counselling

Definition of Traditional Marriage


When it comes to defining it is said that marriage is a contract between a man and a woman which is formalized through the marriage ceremony.

In the Bible, the marriage of Adam and Eve is said in Genesis 2:24. Today there have been widespread changes in the definition of marriage:

Men and women who came under the gay classes had to face hatred, fear, and fanaticism from time to time. But the first bill was passed in the name of Life Partnerships in November to adopt same-sex marriage in Germany which was first August 2001 law was enacted. On December 21, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands signed the bill and introduced the law of same-sex marriage.


Marriage Types- Gay Marriage


It is also called same-sex marriage. There are also Three Types.

Gay, in which the man is attracted to another man.
Lesbian is a class of society in which women are attracted to another woman.
Same sex-Marriage man is attracted to another man and they can marry legally even transgenders are also included.

Today there is a lot of place in the world where homosexual marriage is prohibited –

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Nevada.


Countries, where same-sex marriage is allowed, are as follows –

In these countries, there is lawful permission to have same-sex marriages in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and South Africa.

Marriage Types – Child Marriage

Child marriage is an ill-legal custom that has been going on for years where the bride and groom are minor and are not fit for it and physically, this is called child marriage. In ancient times, Daughters was in the custody of his father and in order to fulfill family bloodshed, they used to marry their daughters for 12 to 14 years of age for economic and political profits, which continued till the medieval period.

Child marriage is still observed in some places in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, the Middle East, and England and the United States. However, to prevent this, the laws have been created and the agitators have raised their voices from the very beginning. This is a broad subject in which the Effects are shown as some points-

Influence on Girls’ Health

Girls at a young age are physically and emotionally weak to become mothers. Some of whom are from 8 years to 14 years of age.

At a young age, girls becoming mothers suffer from diseases –

  • Malnutrition
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Sepsis major infections.
  • High hemorrhage disorder
  • Preclusion
  • Anemia
  • Occasionally, premature death also happens.

Uneducated Generation

Due to early marriage, children are particularly aware of childish education. Due to being uneducated himself his generation also becomes deprived of the environment of higher education which also leads to trouble for their livelihood.

Poverty Reason

Parents also give their daughters married to the rich men of old age due to poverty. Immature minds for marriage are incapable of denying sexual relations. Women give birth to their children by risking their lives.

Cases of Domestic Violence

In cases of child marriage, cases of domestic violence are also present with the girls. In this way, family unrest is involved in prostitution for the untimely future and for the survival of their children.

Mental and Physical Impact on the Health of Boy Groom


Due to child marriage, children are not exploited only but there is a mental and physical impact on the health of boys. Due to the lack of maturity and ignorance. Boys also have difficulty reconciling their wives and at an early age, the burden of responsibilities comes to their shoulders.

Marriage before a child’s fixed age is called child marriage. The boy’s ideal age for marriage is 21 years and the girl’s age is 18 years. The age of having children in different countries can vary.

Marriage Types – Forcible Marriage


Legal marriage is based on the consent of the joints and complete independence. On the contrary, forcible marriages have been defined as against marriage or in a vulnerable marriage. There are human rights abuses which is a serious crime. Where there is complete freedom to choose a marriage partner in an arranged marriage.

For girls forced to marry for 13 to 30 years in the impact of forced marriage, 80% of them are women and 14% are male. Apart from this, divorced and widows are not unacquainted. In search of a healthy and earning husband for a marriageable daughter, the family bothers the boy marries his daughters by abducting against his will. In it, one of the bride or groom may suffer from physical impairment, due to which her partner is forced to forcibly marry in bondage.


Forced Marriage Law


The law against forced marriage is designed to help the people of England and Wales which is designed to protect UK citizens from forcible marriage.

Under the new Act, now the victim can apply directly to the court in case of forced marriage, in which a third party allows the third party to apply on behalf of the victim as the assistance agencies and local authorities. Violation of FMPO (Forced Marriage Protection Order) would be an offense that could result in two years of imprisonment or a fine or both.

South Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa is a country where the child and forcible marriage are prevalent proudly


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Successful Marriage Secrets

There are many people who are looking for a great spouse and are successful in their search. But successful marriage relation is fate about marriage. Significantly, those couples who are enjoying a successful relationship do something different from simple pairs, and as a result. They are both living a happy life.

Come, let’s go to those mysteries that follow and follow a successful married life –

7 Points for a Happy Marriage Relationship


Removing the differences by Interaction

Interaction makes any relationship transparent. Talk openly especially when it is about removing the differences. Family, friends, hobbies, education, and business, etc. affect the relationship which can be solved by talking. When the companions are not ready to talk or spend time the matter becomes considerable.


Behave Humble and Politely

Most people find it interesting that they behave humble and politely during a conversation with the outside world, but they behave strictly with their partner. Talk to your family people in a bitter word. If your spouse asks you to eat dinner or ask you all day or discuss a problem, treat them with respect. There is a saying –


” If you say to make marriage happy, then accept your mistake and be calm while you are right. “


Make discipline towards responsibilities

Successful couples give special importance to the rites in their private life by following family traditions in the house. Make discipline in your personal life every day what responsibilities you will have towards each other like

  • The wife prepares breakfast for morning and evening family.
  • Husband fulfills the obligations towards home
  • When the husband returns in the evening, the wife happily welcomes him.
  • If the husband goes home, take a gift for the wife.

Thus, both of them enjoy a happy married life while taking care of each other’s preferences.

Organize Dates


At the time of the first time, only young and boys used to go on dates But in today’s time, the age does not matter. Pairs are thirty or 50 of the day goes on every day. This catcher provides freshness to your relationship. Even if you can make money at home even after the money, you can also enjoy small trips. Such activities will strengthen love in both couples and also give memorable memories.

Mutual Understanding about the Expenditure


A happy couple agrees quickly on the subject of money and expenses and manages the expenses together with mutual understanding. It has been seen in many couples that they start arguing with their partner about the expenditure, and reaching out without any conclusions. They disturb unbelief and emotion among themselves. To avoid such a situation problems are already settled for a lot of time by ensuring the payment of expenses and the schemes to save money.

Some Effort to make your Relationship Successful


Your relationship is new or old, keep love and respect together. Over time the dust starts to fall on the relationship, and negligence comes in the way of talking. It happens with everyone who is normal. But you should make some effort to make your relationship as normal. This is some successful solution that has been going on for years. Of course, try these –

  • Be patient and listen to the words of your partner.
  • Welcome out of the house and smiling when you come home.
  • At least once in a day I love you definitely said.
  • In addition to displaying love, please use words like thank you.

Commitment is Strengthened


Commitment is required in couples in successful married life. It is difficult in time from today but sharing a commitment with your partner before or after marriage is strengthened. If both of you have made some goals together there will definitely be no problem in fulfilling that. If you follow these rules, then surely you are living a happily married life.


Marriage Counselling

All You Must Know About Marriage | Types of Marriage | Marriage Counselling
All You Must Know About Marriage | Types of Marriage | Marriage Counselling

In the olden times, people’s marriages went on for a long time but they did not have time to become separated. There was no need for marriage counseling, but today there are various types of resources available through which it is helpful to break the alliance of marriages and show the path without divorce.

To understand and solve the struggles of married and unmarried couples. Today’s advice is sought from marriage counseling. Usually, marriage counseling is a licensed therapist who helps resolve disputes between couples better atmosphere of the conversation and solve problems. They work as a third party in solving differences, for which they take some charge for it.



In all cases of marriage, some people marry due to financial reasons and some sexual attraction while the purpose is anything. Some people believe that marriage is for companionship.

She is not the primary reason for getting married. You like to spend time with someone because they are very funny but this is no reason to marry them. But we begin to think about building relationships with them for a lifetime only when we have a sexual attraction towards them.

It is important to finalize the spark of enthusiasm in your marriage. To maintain a healthy and happy relationship tell your spouse how well they feel to you.

Whether you have been married for only 1 year or 20 years. You should always tell them how good they feel to you.

Counselling also advises in stressful situations in divorce, abusing, domestic violence and relationships. They are sometimes less frequent, and sometimes even for 6 months or more.


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