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Women – Need Passion Purpose [Wisdom]

  • Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]
    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]

    Why Women Need Passion and Purpose in Life

    Many women long to connect deeply with a partner but have been unable to sustain a fulfilling relationship. They might be effective in different zones, however, making an enduring organization stays tricky. Less Passion and purpose are What it keeps women from having what they really want.

    7 Points Describe Why It is Important to have Purpose

    1. Monotonous Daily Routine

    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]
    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]

    Unfortunately, you may live out the same patterns, never giving yourself the chance to create new positive experiences. You may disempower yourself by believing that someone else is creating your painful experiences. So you shut down or change partners, hoping it will be different in the future or with someone else. But you are the same, and therefore, attract the same kind of man and create the same situation. Understandably, you may give up ever finding a man you can trust enough to help you heal this vicious cycle.

    2. More Depends Upon Your Life Partner

    Your desire for connection tells you that you want a partner, but you feel vulnerable to open to the possibility of being hurt again. The safety and control of being single or emotionally distant from your partner can keep you isolated even when you long to connect. If you have never had a trusting, fulfilling partnership, it is challenging to believe it is even possible.

    3. Need Appreciation Trustworthy Men

    Having never experienced the appreciation you needed to flourish, you protect the most beautiful, insightful passion of yourself. With a half-open heart, you attract unavailable men who match your own ambivalence about being fully present. This reaffirms the belief that there are not any “good” men out there, so you hold back even more. This absence of trust and openness creates more of the same. And so on… How can this self-destructive cycle be broken?

    4. Faith Required from Men Partner

    It requires faith and many baby steps to slowly build a solid foundation of trust. You can start by being willing to meet and get close to available men in the safest way possible – friendship. Perhaps spending time with a male friend or mentor you can trust will open up the door to eventually trusting a partner. You can start to have the experience of a man showing up for you in a meaningful way without being sexual.

    5. Mentoring Father Great Husband

    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]
    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]

    You can establish a friendship with a man who is honest, keeps his word, shows up on time and consistently invests himself in the relationship. This is an easier way to build trust and feel cared for without the intense feelings that can cause confusion in a romance. Perhaps it is a mentor who plays the role of a healing father figure who shows up in ways your father was unable to. Maybe you have a friend with a great husband and she can share her positive experiences with you and how she created such a great partnership.

    6. Be Clear with YourSelf No Excuses

    There are conscious available men with strength and integrity and you attract them when you are available to yourself first. This means examining how you have closed your heart to protect yourself. It means giving yourself the love, attention, and validation you want from a partner and knowing you are complete. When your life is full, people love you, and there is no need for desperation, you become ready to invite a conscious loving man into your life. in the sense of passion purpose clear with yourself that no one is allowed. If you re willing to settle, that s what you will get, a mediocre, immature man who can t show up, for whom you make excuses.

    7. Know Your Passion Purpose Wisdom

    What do you really want? have you always longed for? What would it take to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance? Now is the opportunity to be your own protective father and your own nurturing mother so you can set boundaries and care for yourself emotionally so you can achieve passion purpose.

    8 Points to Know and Remind Yourself Your Purpose

    Now is the time to give yourself what you ‘ve never received from anyone else – complete adoration, acceptance, and compassion. Are you ready to really open up to a man and, if not, what would it take for you to become ready? Are you ready to sacrifice your passion for purpose wisdom?

    1. Experience Freedom

    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]
    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]

    Many women believe they are ready and available but they are not in their bodies. Intellectually they understand relationships, they may even know what it takes to create a healthy one but they are cut off from their own experiences. Their breath is shallow, their bodies constricted and tense – no movement or flow is allowed because it would open the door to locked up the pain that needs attention. And yet, this is the door to freedom – the freedom to experience both pleasure and pain, to be fully alive in your own body.

    2. Be In Present Live

    You experience relationships on all levels: physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. All of these areas need attention and they need to be aligned with one another. If any area is neglected, it’s impossible to be fully present. If you are not fully present, trusting another person can feel very precarious because you nurture your dream passion purpose.


    3. Sold Out to Your Control

    To trust someone is to surrender, to give up some measure of control. To give up some measure of control, you need to know it is safe and that you can trust yourself to see clearly and set appropriate boundaries. Seeing clearly requires being in touch with yourself. Setting appropriate boundaries requires feeling worthy enough to take care of yourself.

    3. Be Positive Learn Past

    Many women disappointed with their fathers and other male role models throughout their lives. After being hurt so many times, they came believing they were unworthy of love. This painful conditioning caused them to repeat the pattern loss of passion purpose and pursue unavailable men who confirmed their negative beliefs.

    4. Know Your Past to Experience

    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]
    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]

    What makes it possible to open to a healthy man is grieving the unhealthy ones, and letting them go. Experience your past disappointments and let your heartbreak open. Let your heart break open to a healthy man who wants to be there for you. Be there for yourself no matter how you feel and stop pretending that you are fine. Let down your guard and heal through the love of an accepting other who wants to know you completely.

    5. Do not Alway Give-up

    Stop giving yourself away in order to get love there s nothing to earn or work for. Love itself will heal and expand who you are. In the light of love s healing, you will radiate beyond your pain and conditioning to be even more magnificent.

    6. Stay Connected with Situations

    Connected to yourself and centered in a relationship is like a meditation – when your mind wanders, you just keep coming back. It’s important to take it slow. Be discerning and get feedback from trusted friends or counselors who can see the situation objectively and give you a map for moving forward.

    7. Give Yourself Space Feel

    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]
    Why Women need Passion Purpose [ Wisdom ]

    You need the empty space of slowing down and tuning in to safely open up to someone. You need the room to feel your body and hear your intuition so you don t repeat the same destructive patterns. If your intuition drowned out sexual excitement, fantasies of the future fears from the past, then you won’t hear or feel your own wisdom.

    Decide to make room for a conscious man to enter your sacred space. This requires the enormous trust to believe passion purpose you can have this if you never had it before.

    Deeply valuing yourself and trusting that someone will really see and appreciate you, your passion purpose.

    You expose yourself and trusting your own perceptions, passion purpose.

    Trying setting boundaries with anyone who invades your space.

    Yes worshipping yourself as the goddess that you are and attracting a man who will do the same.

    8. Be Passionate Self-Standard

    The attractive women are the radiant open flowers with life beaming out of them. Smell, taste and feel life as you re moving through your day. Allow the playful child and the powerful woman who is with passion purpose emerge to seen and appreciated.

    Realize that conscious man will irresistibly draw to your radiance if just let it shine through. The men who are not ready for you will run away. Must set your own standards for how you will treat – because you are wise and powerful, not because you are frightened and in control.

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